How it works?

How it works?

Secure, innovative and user friendly platform 

for buying and selling online services.


Whether you need a logo design for your new blog, or a video presenter who will help your introduce your company to potential clients, you are at the right place. For everything that you do not know how to do yourself, or you simply don’t have the time, For499 freelancers are at your service.

1. Find a service that you need

Compare prices, portfolios, delivery time, and community recommendations in order to find a seller that best suits your needs. If you have a specific question, simply send them an enquiry.

2. Supply your brief

Be as detailed as possible so the seller can provide you with the quality service that you are expecting. Your payment is held secure until you confirm that the service is performed to your satisfaction.

3. Manage transaction

Exchange files and feedback with the seller via the built-in conversation and transaction management system. The seller will deliver service within a specified time frame.

4. Approve service delivered

Once you are happy with the service performed, you can mark the transaction complete, and we’ll make sure that the seller gets paid. Help the community by leaving a feedback for the seller.


For499 provides you with an opportunity to turn knowledge, talent or hobby into a permanent source of income! We're here to provide security, privacy, and timely payments, so you can keep doing what you love the most.

1. Post your service

Post a service offer in accordance with your skills. Be as specific as possible so your clients will know exactly what they are getting for the money they are paying.

2. Communicate promptly

Respond to customer enquiries, as well as requests for custom offers, within a reasonable time. Good communication is a prerequisite for successful cooperation.

3. Build your reputation

Make sure you treat all of your customers the same, and try to provide the best possible service regardless of the transaction value. Satisfied customers will recommend you to their friends.

What are you waiting for?

It is crucial to plan out your projects and get them implemented in time. By hiring freelance professionals on For499, you can get your projects running. Here are the steps involved in getting your tasks finished.

Step 1: Understanding your requirements

Once you have your project, outline what different things you need to get your project working. For instance, you might require a writer and a graphic designer to write content for a blog and get an image suitable to the topic.

Step 2: Finding qualified freelancers:

Once you know which services you require, you can start screening freelancers. By taking interviews, looking at their sample work, and checking out their interviews, you can select the freelancers according to their skills, your requirements, and budget constraints.

Step 3: Finalizing a project:

Once you have selected the freelancers, do share the details of your project with them. Pay for their services through our secure payment system within the platform. Remember that we can not control payments made outside the platform, and thus we advise you to keep payment transactions with us.

Step 4: Handing modifications

Once your freelancer submits the projects, you can start reviewing the work. If you need any changes, you can ask your freelancer for modifications. If you need the entire project from scratch or you wish to add more services to the project, then you might have to pay more for them.

Step 5: Providing feedback:

Once finished, you can accept the delivery from your seller and provide genuine feedback for their services. Your feedback can help others choose the best service provider.